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    Alcohol & Drug Counseling

    First Step Services offers Alcohol and Drug Counseling Groups. Participants come to First Step for a variety of reasons. Groups include people who choose to receive services because they have become uncomfortable with their drug use.

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    Outpatient Treatment

    First Step provides Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) at all our locations. IOP by definition is an outpatient counseling group that meets for 3 hours, no less than 3 times per week.

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    Professionals Program

    Our Professionals Program is specifically designed for professionals in need of long term recovery support and progress reports. Our featured Professionals Program provides structured aftercare and continuing care group therapy at our Raleigh and Durham facilities.

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    Adolescent Services

    First Step Services of Raleigh’s Adolescent Substance Abuse Outpatient Program (IOP) for teens includes IOP groups and Family & Youth/Multi-Family treatment groups. Call us today!

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    DWI Assessment

    Fully licensed to assist you with your assessment in a professional, confidential and timely manner. First Step will often complete an assessment the day you call. Call us today!

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    Family Program

    Free Family and Community Education (F.A.C.E.) helps families and concerned others learn how to deal with the effects of alcohol and drug use disorders of a loved one. Contact us today!

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  • Take the First Step with us.

    Professional Rehab Center in North Carolina

    The journey towards substance abuse recovery starts with your first step. It’s not easy, but with the help of a trusted addiction treatment center in North Carolina, the recovery process becomes more manageable.

    First Step NC is one of North Carolina’s trusted rehab centers, specializing in intensive Outpatient Programs for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. Our team is highly-trained in the areas of continuing care and aftercare for patients who have completed their residential, inpatient, and hospital programs.

    With our license from the State of North Carolina, our center offers a single point of access for an extensive range of outpatient services. To ensure your full recovery, we work closely with reliable inpatient program facilities, as well as with hospitals which provide short-term detox services.

    As one of NC’s trusted rehab centers, we cover all aspects of substance abuse recovery such as counseling programs: intensive group counseling, individual counseling, and family counseling. Other services include DWI assessment, Drug & Alcohol Counseling, NC DWI Process, Adolescent Services, ND DWI Offense, and NC DWI Process.

    With our help, taking your first step towards recovery is easier. Our team will guide you through the journey, and focus on your improvement and welfare. Our goal is to see a happier and healthier version of you.

    Why First Step?

    We consider your needs first. You can rely on us to serve you in the most professional, confidential, and timely manner possible. We usually complete an assessment on the day you reach out to us. We pride ourselves with our convenient locations, affordable prices, and a good relationship with the local community and different offices, including EAPs, attorneys, and medical facilities.

    With locations in Raleigh, Durham, Garner, and Cary, First Step NC strives to be a leading alcohol and drug rehab center in North Carolina for our high-quality service and care.

    Take the first step by getting in touch with us today.

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    First Step Services has 4 Convenient NC Locations:
    Raleigh: (919) 833-8899
    Cary: (919) 651-8349
    Garner: (919) 329-9400
    Durham: (919) 419-0229

  • Our Vision:

    family served by First Step Services LLC

    First Step Services, LLC strives to be a best practice substance abuse and mental health outpatient care provider to the community by integrating comprehensive outpatient care services through a single point of access, by utilizing clinical expertise and by exhibiting outstanding service excellence.

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    Do I have an alcohol or drug use problem?

    Do I have an alcohol or drug use problem?

    How do we know when alcohol and/or drug use has become a problem for us?
    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

    Congratulations! You have decided to seek information regarding counseling or education for alcohol or drug use.
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    I actually really enjoyed the group. I learned a lot from the breathalyzer to different ways of making choices and how the effect is not just on you but everyone around you. I am very quiet, so I like how we were made to talk and discuss each topic, which helped me to come out


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