Code of Conduct / Ethics

Code of Conduct

First Step Services personnel, contractors, interns and members of the governing authority are expected to perform with the highest standards of ethical behavior in compliance with First Step Services code of conduct as well as all federal, state, and local regulations, including professional licensing boards. Violation of the Code of Conduct Policy can lead to disciplinary actions, including separation from employment and disciplinary action from professional licensing board.

All First Step Services personnel are expected to comply with the following code of conduct and ethics:

First Step, its Staff and Employees will

  • Professional Conduct

    • Respecting the rights of the person served according to the rights and responsibilities of the person served policies.
  • Personal & Professional Conduct

    • Engaging in professional relationships in the strictest accordance of the ethical guidelines of our profession. Romantic or sexual relationships with the person served are not permitted.
  • Business Marketing & Outreach Practices

    • Ensuring that all business practices are honest and adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards and codes of conduct. Financial or monetary rewards or gifts will not be used to entice the person served to enter the program.
  • Potential Conflicts of Interest

    • Not engaging in outside business, personal or other relationships with the person served according to the ethical standards of our profession. Personnel should avoid seeking outside employment that may cause an actual or perceived conflict of interest without expressed written permission of Leadership.
  • Medical Necessity, Fees & Billing

    • Services will only be provided to the person served that are medically necessary and are consistent with generally accepted standards for treatment. All ethical guidelines regarding setting fees, billing, and collecting funds will be followed.
  • Personal & Confidential Information

    • The confidentiality of the person served, personnel as well as the policies and procedures of First Step Services will be maintained. Confidential information will not be revealed except with permission from the person served or as required by confidentiality laws. Personnel is responsible for adhering to the current guidelines regarding use of electronically transmitted communication.
  • Creation & Retention of Records

    • Records of the person served, personnel, and other company records will be accurately prepared and maintained consistent with organizational policies and legal requirements.
  • Government Investigation

    • Full cooperation with authorized governmental investigations and audits as required by applicable and ethical standards.
  • Prevention of Improper Referrals or Payments

    •  Monetary gifts will not be accepted or offered in exchange for referrals.
  • Antitrust Regulations

    • Compliance with all federal and state antitrust laws is required
  • Witnessing of Legal Documents

    • We would request the person seeks the services of a notary.
    • Personnel are not permitted to sign as a witness of any legal documents, including, but not limited to powers of attorney, guardianship, or advance directives. Persons making the request should be referred to follow-up with a notary, attorney, or medical doctor, as appropriate

“Coming into First Step, I was frustrated and afraid. I expected long boring lectures, worksheets, and other unexciting plans for treatment. The first group was hard, big, and intimidating. As time passed, however, I began to become more comfortable and interested in everyone else’s treatment. People understand, people care, and it is the best feeling a user could have. I have learned healthy alternatives to drugs, coping with stress and triggers, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term. Phyllis is humorous, kind, and a warm person who I feel I could entrust to help me with whatever issues I encounter. I learned that I wasn’t just a user, but I was clearly dependent in a very unhealthy way. First Step and everyone in it has changed my life, and I hope to pay it forward to any family or friends who are struggling. I would highly recommend it.”

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