Prime for Life Alcohol & Drug Education / NC DWI ADETS Schedules

ADETS Schedules

Gaining Awareness Groups & Classes

First Step’s Gaining Awareness programs are designed as early intervention programs for clients with little or no significant life problems caused by alcohol or drug use. Typical Gaining Awareness participants are here to learn the basics of the trajectory of alcohol and drug use and how to prevent more serious problems from occurring. Most people sign up for this level of care due to alcohol or drug situations related to DWI, possession of drugs, possession of alcohol while under 21 years of age, situations caused by alcohol and/or drug use or possession at schools, jobs or other situations. Health insurance does not cover the cost of “education level” substance use classes.

Prime for Life and NC ADETS education classes are best practice programs designed to be a client-centered and comprehensive experience to assist clients in gaining awareness regarding alcohol and/or drug use. Prime for Life is the only approved curriculum for ADETS.

ADETS is required by NC DWI Services only for people who meet NC DWI Services standards for education only. To qualify for ADETS, the DWI client must have:

  • BAC below .15
  • Never had a prior conviction lifetime
  • Meet no diagnosis for a substance use disorder
  • And a few other criteria required and defined by NC DWI Services


To enroll, contact the First Step facility which you would like to attend and schedule an enrollment session. The cost of Prime for Life/ADETS is $185 per session, which must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.

2024 Gaining Awareness Programs

Prime for Life Alcohol & Drug Education / ADETS Schedules

Serving Clients Statewide. All sessions will be provided via telehealth

2024 ADETS Dates
  • Absences are not allowed – all sessions must be attended in order to complete the class
  • Classes will run virtually – details will be provided at the time of registration
  • Please ensure you are connected on time each class from a secure and private location, free from distractions – anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late, will not be admitted to class
  • Classes will be held per guidance received:
    1. Maximum class size – 20 people
    2. Prime for Life (PFL) Curriculum – Evidence-based intervention
    3. 5 sessions – in total (16 hours)

“This class was a great help to me. Coming into the class, I really didn’t have any reservations because I know whatever I got out of it would be a positive step in the direction I would like to go. The most helpful part of this class was how accepting and supportive the counselor is as well as the openness of those in the class. The road that I have traveled to get me to this point has not necessarily been that rough. Things have seemed to just fall into place for me. But being in this situation now, I have realized and have come to accept how “normal” my life has become. My DWI has become a very valuable/necessary lesson to learn. Before this, I was drinking and driving numerous times. I am thankful for the fact that this happened without others being hurt or myself getting hurt. This class has reaffirmed how strong of a person I really am when I don’t allow weaknesses to come into my life. This class has allowed me to take on the biggest challenge I will ever face in life…myself. With the tool/support that I have gotten from this class, I know I will be able to face the challenges that life will throw my way without using alcohol or drugs as a crutch.” Anonymous First Step Services, LLC Prime for Life, ADETS NC DWI client


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