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    Substance use disorder – screening, referral and placement

    Posted on April 15, 2017 by

    Does someone you know need treatment for alcohol or drug use?  Who do you rely on for accurate information regarding the best options? What type of treatment provides the best chances for long term, hopefully permanent, recovery? How do you learn about the fees programs charge if paid out of pocket; types of insurance accepted, free treatment, other payment methods? In addition to our outpatient treatment services, First Step provides assessment and referrals to inpatient centers and other types of treatment programs in the area and across the country.

    No treatment center can meet every need of every person with a substance use or mental health disorder. Choosing the program specific to your individual needs provides the best chance to meet your goals and desires. A key to successful outcomes begins with proper screening and assessment. After completion of a comprehensive assessment, you and your counselor evaluate your individual needs. The counselor discusses options and arranges referral to, and placement in, the proper level of care at the center of your choosing. Our goal is to get you to the center that will provide the best care for your individual needs. First Step has long term, working relationships with numerous treatment centers. We provide sufficient information to allow you to choose. We can usually put you in touch with the right person at each center to speak with in person. If none of the centers we provide seem not to fit, we have resources and connections to locate new centers.

    First Step Services, LLC ensures you the counselor you are assigned to is knowledgable in the area of your need, according to information you gave during the initial call. You are then scheduled with that counselor to complete an assessment. You and the counselor will discuss the findings of the assessment and discuss recommendations and options. Your counselor will arrange referrals and assists with placement into a program, or programs, best suited for you. First Step is locally, not corporate owned. We have no financial interest in any non-First Step Services, LLC program or companies. We refer to substance abuse treatment centers with various specialties regardless of ownership. First Step does not provide inpatient, residential or partial hospitalization levels of care.

    Finding a high quality treatment center online is risky. Never trust companies, with whom you are not familiar, who advertise “1-800, 1-877,” etc. phone numbers. Many of these cannot be trusted. It is not unusual that some of our clients learn they need higher levels or different types of care. When that occurs, we refer them to best practice programs to meet the need.

    Below are a few types of specialty care inpatient and outpatient centers across the country:

    • inpatient and residential programs, length of stay 30 – 365 days or longer as determined by need.
    • co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders,
    • young adult – 30 years of age,
    • gender specific treatment and/or separate men’s and women’s facilities
    • teens/adolescents,
    • women’s needs, issues,
    • men’s needs, issues,
    • middle age adults,
    • older adults,
    • opioid/opiate, including medication assisted treatment, as determined by need,
    • family counseling, treatment
    • eating disorders
    • LGBTQ,
    • professionals such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, nurses, airline pilots, etc.
    • residential mental health treatment,
    • partial hospitalization, day treatment and Intensive Outpatient (IOP),
    • trauma
    • NC DWI, NC DUI programs,  DWI inpatient treatment
    • therapeutic communities up to 2+ years,

    At First Step, we have close working relationships with inpatient and outpatient treatment programs in NC and other areas of the country. When a person reports for a substance use assessment, we conduct a comprehensive assessment that is accepted by inpatient and outpatient centers locally and across the country. There is a low cost assessment fee, often paid for by health insurance.

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    Do I have an alcohol or drug use problem?

    Do I have an alcohol or drug use problem?

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    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

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