Katelyn Conn

Katelyn is attending her final year of studies for her bachelor’s degree in Community Advocacy and Social Policy at Arizona State University online. After completing her bachelor’s level studies, she plans to attend graduate school to earn her master’s degree in Social Work. Katelyn is passionate about working with people and helping others through advocacy and intervention. She is working towards becoming a social worker and using her skills and compassion for others in a professional setting.

Prior to working with First Step, Katelyn worked as a shift supervisor at Starbucks for nearly five years. In October 2022, Katelyn joined the First Step team part-time as the Cary Together in Change group sign-in administrator, and in November 2022 Katelyn began her full-time position as administrative liaison. Katelyn is based in the Cary office, and she enjoys getting to work with others by being a source of information, assistance, and support for clients at First Step Services.

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