Alcohol and Drug Rehab Aftercare Program

Upon returning home from inpatient treatment, substance abuse intensive outpatient aftercare programs provide ongoing support and care as people face multiple challenges in the forms of expected and unexpected changes. Challenges occur regarding finding local self help groups, settling back into family life, returning to work, gaining financial stability to name a few. Learning new social skills after inpatient or residential treatment that do not involve substance use can be difficult. Developing new social contacts and social circles with people who do not use alcohol or drugs. Socializing with people you enjoy spending time with is crucial for improved social functioning and overall personal growth.

First Step specializes in continuing care and aftercare for patients who have returned home from  inpatient, residential and hospital programs. We have strong relationships with inpatient and residential facilities across the country. At First Step, you can step down from your inpatient treatment to intensive outpatient and aftercare for ongoing support. Upon completion of your outpatient program and maintain abstinence, you may continue in their primary group for $5 per day.

Licensed therapists, family programs and our Medical Director/psychiatrist are available at First Step to assist in the transition. Family therapy and participation is encouraged. Clients are recommended to start as soon as possible after leaving the inpatient program.

First Step is an approved Professionals Program with aftercare as long as necessary for the NC Board of Nursing, NC Professional Health Program, Business Executives, EAPs, impaired professionals and others needing long term recovery support. 

“I came to First Step following inpatient treatment for the use of several substances. I gained a lot there but it seemed like I really learned most of the valuable skills for dealing with addiction from First Step. I came in very unsure of everything and everyone but it didn’t take long for things to start changing. I became more in tune with my surroundings as well as myself. My experience with the group has helped me deal with family and personal issues and now I’ve gotten to the point where I can see practical and healthy solutions for problems in my life. I feel I took the most away from the relationship and boundary setting sessions because those were two areas I hadn’t even tried to maintain or establish in active addiction or even before that. My whole experience with First Step has led me to become more grounded and self-aware than ever before. Thanks Holly and thanks to my group.” Anonymous

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