Who Do We Serve?

Addiction does not discriminate…

And neither do we! Our clientele come from all walks of life, but are all working towards a common goal – to live their best life! And we are excited to help them on their journey – regardless of their individual circumstances. Here is an overview of who we served across our locations in 2019.



70% Male
29% Female
1% Transgender



66% Caucasian
25% African American
3% Hispanic
3% Asian
3% Other


22% Between 18-25
31% Between 26-35
21% Between 36-45
15% Between 46-55
8% Between 56-65
3% Other


Employment Status

79% Employed Full Time
3% Employed Part-Time
3% Retired
3% Student
12% Unemployed


12% <12th Grade
32% High School Diploma/GED
26% Some College
21% Bachelor’s Degree
9% Graduate Degree or Higher

Marital Status

52% Never Married
25% Married
17% Separated/Divorced
3% Domestic Partners
2% Other

Regardless of what brings someone into our door – whether it be a self referral, at the request of their employer, as a continuum of care from inpatient treatment, a legal charge, or any other number of reasons, our initial approach is the same. We always start with an assessment. We never assume, and we never use treatment as a punitive.

We know there is not a one-size fits all approach to treatment, so it’s important we provide all levels of outpatient care to best meet our participants needs. We have a variety of group options available across our 3 locations. And where we are not the right fit, we are more than happy to refer people to other providers that can better suit their needs.

Treatment Recommendations

32% Gaining Awareness
10% Creating Focus
16% Recovery In Action
27% Shifting Perspectives
9% Together In Change
3% Referred Out
2% Individual Counseling Only
1% Living In Recovery

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