August 28, 2018

“Before the first group I was dreading coming and assumed and it would be long, dull, guilt-trip. I’d have to sit through for the next 5 weeks. I was wrong! The first group was very eye opening. I realized there are people in all stages of life going through the same thing I am. I felt better knowing I wasn’t alone in this and that group was a place where you can put yourself out there without judgment or negativity. The discussions on decisions and choices has taught me to look at the pros and cons of everything I do. I realized I needed to cope with stress and emotions in different ways and not by drinking. Positive coping skills along with a clear and sober mind have already made a difference in my life. I now look forward to group, to hearing everyone’s stories and feedback, and yes even Tiffany questioning why I’m a 8 or 9 or 10 today. I’m typically quiet and don’t talk much but that doesn’t work in Tiffany’s group and I’m glad. You get out what you put into group and thanks to Tiffany.  🙂 I’ve got a lot I’m taking away from this. Don’t look at group as just a requirement look at it as a opportunity. I wanna say Thank You to everyone in the group! I wish you all the best!”