First Step Services, LLC Garner NC alumni
November 25, 2019

“This experience has been great despite my circumstances. It was unfortunate, however it brought me to a point in my life to realize that every second is precious. Of all the people I’ve met here (Britney, Haylie, Kim, peers in group) learning about each of you personally was good. Knowing that we are all flawed, we still have a place in this world. This experience reinforced what I know. Things happen for a reason. No matter what I am challenged with, I will have the right perspective now. This place was a reset button. Today marks 99 days clean and I plan to have 100 +. My thought patterns have changed, my life has been adjusted, and my destination is clear. Thanks to First Step and the Judicial System. The bell has rung and I am on my way to a life of sobriety and happiness. I wish each of you perseverance and a sober life.”