First Step Services, LLC Garner NC alumni
November 25, 2019

“Hi, I’m checking in and out of here, but all jokes aside, being very serious, when I came here I was recommended by the Justice Department. Coming here was a blessing in disguise, alcohol had taken over my life to the point of no return, or I thought. God and First Step helped me turn it around. I came in really excited about life itself due to the fact that I almost lost mine because of alcohol abuse. I didn’t think I would have opened up and shared with others outside of my life, but meeting brothers and sisters that are going through or have been through some of the same cards I’ve been dealt, discussing inside these four walls, and what we can do with the coping skills we’ve learned here have changed me. We will have this condition for life but we can live our lives without it because we want a better life. We remember where we came from and thanks to First Step we know how to fight addiction. Thanks to all my counselors and thank you for your time.”