First Step Raleigh, NC alcohol/drug use intensive outpatient treatment program
June 25, 2019

“I was nervous and not too happy about having to come to group to begin with, but everyone from Glenn to Rene to Katie have totally put me at ease from day one with their kindness and professionalism! It’s been an awesome experience to get to know people in my groups and hearing their experiences knowing that we are all just normal people that have made poor choices. It’s also been great to learn more about substance abuse and having the support to live a sober life that can be enjoyable! I plan to continue my sobriety for the foreseeable future and am glad that we will have the option to come back as needed to attend group when I’m struggling. My biggest goal is to be able to help others that might be struggling and give them hope that things will and do get better! Thank you so much!<3”