First Step Raleigh NC substance abuse outpatient treatment program
June 25, 2019

When I first got my DWI I was mad at everyone but myself. I had every excuse as to why I didn’t deserve what I did. I “ubered” downtown that night, and after a few drinks, I found my father drunk at a bar trying to drive home. After many failed attempts, I finally convinced him to give me his keys and get an Uber home. He was very angry and threatened financial consequences if anything happened to his car which was illegally parked. At the end of the night, I decided to move the car across the street to a parking deck and was pulled over when I started the car. Being, though, that made it easy for me to be angry with my father and pass the blame onto him. First Step has not only taught me how to make positive choices in my life, but it has taught me to accept responsibility for my actions and that I make my own choices. In the future, I hope to put this in the past and mend my relationship with my father