First Step Services, LLC Raleigh, NC
March 30, 2020

I’m at First Step because, my husband had an affair and we got into a physical altercation. Personally, I do not have a drug, or alcohol problem. So coming in to this, I was very angry and bitter. After my first group, I went home and cried. I didn’t deserve to be here. After the second group, I calmed down, and learned to open up, and just accept the fact that I needed to do this. Now I’m glad I was a part of group, and got to meet the awesome counselors, and the tools they gave to be able to help communicate with my husband better. Also, after seeing all the people who got DWI’s and hearing the tragic story from Phyllis. I’m NEVER drinking and driving again!! I’m really glad we talked about relationships and communication! Thank you, for your help, and guidance. I truly appreciate it!