First Step Services, LLC Raleigh NC Alumni
November 25, 2019

“I wasn’t really expecting anything from group. Even though the process I long and expensive, I’m grateful to still be alive.  Group members made it easy to share.  No one seemed to be judgmental and it helped me feel more comfortable.  They were very supportive.  In a few group sessions I learned that there are many positive ways to deal with stress, so I don’t have to feel like I need to drink.  Also I found better methods when it comes to communicating.  I don’t need to feel guarded and hide behind my sarcasm and I know that some people do not take kindly to sarcasm.  The counselors were great.  They were easy going and patient with everyone.  The group was supportive and respectful.  I enjoyed the 3 hours sessions and I’m going to miss open and care free environment.  I plan to make better decisions and be more open with family and friends when I feel angry, upset depressed or sad.  I will consider all consequences and actions will cause before I do them.”