First Step Raleigh, NC alcohol/drug use intensive outpatient treatment program
June 25, 2019

“Attending group meetings at First Step has been a very beneficial and positive experience for me. I have enrolled in substance abuse programs in the past which were far from enjoyable so I was initially dreading coming here. After the first day though I realized it was very helpful getting insight from all the other people and learning how we all cope with personal issues. Katie also does a wonderful job counseling as she always has a positive attitude and participates quite a bit making this vastly better than past experiences. After being a part of group I definitely plan to continue my sobriety for at least the next couple years as I work to accomplish some more major goals. To anyone unsure of this program or not wanting to pay, I would greatly recommend trying it and I can 100% guarantee it is significantly better than the free programs offered in Raleigh.”