First Step Services, LLC Garner NC alumni
November 24, 2019

“I was brought to First Step, due to my own personal drinking addiction which has caused me to make many irresponsible decisions and led me into myself being incarcerated. When I first came to group at First Step I was dreaduful to the fact of attending. I never thought that I had a personal addiction but the more I participated in group discussions and other activities I learned to appreciate the program. First Step helped me to identify key factors in my life which needed improvement. Since entering the program I have found that I myself can accomplish goals I’ve never set for myself. I’m currently am working 2 jobs, in which I was able to become a manager in training at one. Learning to cope with my anger and other negative thoughts has helped me get on the right path for my future. I am very appreciative and will continue to stay focused and motivated by staying away from negative peers and places which led me to my drinking addictions.”