April 16, 2018

I began coming to group back in November – I was in a totally different place than I am today. I was a mess. I had just recently gotten out of a very bad physically abusive relationship that had lasted almost 7 years. I had finally gotten out of his grasp but he found me here in Raleigh and showed up to my place on more than one occasion. I was living a very paranoid life. In that past I would have dealt with this by drinking so was the case back when I got my DWI. I didn’t want to drive that night but I am glad I did because me driving up to that checkpoint started the steps of me regaining my freedom. And by me attending AA meetings and this group with the wonderful Tiffany I began to feel like I was gaining control of myself again not just with alcohol but in general. This group has provided many laughs and reminded me that we all have some type of issues but with the right support anything is possible. I wish you all the best.