First Step Services, LLC Garner NC alumni
November 24, 2019

“Driving while impaired brought me to First Step Services. My first thought was it’s just a program just go and get it over with. After meeting the staff they made you feel comfortable. Little nervous with getting to group the first time but after getting there all of the people in my group were friendly and approachable. Then one of the most helpful things I took away is the other group members how they identified there risky behaviors is different for every person. I learned about myself is that I put myself in a lot  of risky behavior without even realizing it. I learned i need self discipline and think about every decision  you make in life. First Step has taught many good topics to make you sit back and reflect on how to process positive and negative behaviors and what i’ve learned from the group members, everyone has a story to tell and don’t judge people without knowing them.”