First Step Services, LLC Raleigh, NC
March 30, 2020

I began treatment at First Step because of a DWI I got in 2017. Although I as nervous to start the group sessions, I quickly saw that it was a non-judgemental environment and sharing some of my struggles with others helped me feel supported and at ease. The accountability aspect (abstinence only) of the program was more helpful and the group session topics were always relatable and helpful to me. Learning others’ struggles, hearing from speakers, and learning new ideas and skills were all very helpful. I learned about myself a lot during treatment. I am strong-willed and make good decisions, and I learned some weaknesses as well that I need to work on – my communication style could be vulnerable to new experiences/discomfort without the need for alcohol. After 30 days I have felt happier, healthier, and feel better about myself. I realize I am strong and have determination. I’ve learned new coping skills such as to “play the tape forward” to make better decisions. I have listen to stories and advice and been given knowledge I definitely won’t soon forget. First Steps program has been very beneficial for my life. The group sessions have been great. Each week I felt we focused on great topics I can relate to. It is a relaxed and supportive environment and has kept me busy these last few weeks. The counselors have all been welcoming, understanding, helpful and respectful. I don’t have any complaints.