August 28, 2018

“I had a wonderful experience at First Step. Truth, I was not thrilled about going to group sessions at first. But then I met Katie, Kai, and Zach. They were different than the typical counselor, they all worked together, it felt more like they were your friend just listening to your stories and making suggestions. There really was no judgment (I even failed a drug screen and afterwards they all treated me exactly the same!) Usually that doesn’t happen, and you feel like you’re judged or they look at you different, but they all were super supportive and understanding. And that in itself made me want to keep coming to my groups. Aside from that group was not bad at all! I liked it! It helped me to change that way I looked at things. Group helped me to see all different walks of life, and helped me to see, first, that I wasn’t alone but also I am not a girl who can learn now and stop making these unhealthy decisions at this time in my life. And I never have to feel that pain or that sad feeling again, by thinking before I act. And each individual I met throughout group, and each counselor, helped me to see this and come to this conclusion! So thank you to all of you, you each hold a special place in my heart! I am very thankful for First Step and their services and I will be attending groups now just for fun and for myself to keep learning! Thank You!”