First Step Services, LLC Raleigh NC Alumni
November 24, 2019

“The thought of a group therapy session definitely had me nervous. I didn’t believe talking about my problems would truly make a difference at all. That all changed real quick for me when I began listening to my peers here. Hearing people in similar situations speak on their struggles and how they cope with them made me realize that no matter the situation, keeping your thoughts and feelings on the inside without talking to anyone about it would lead me right back in this room. I never thought in a million years speaking on my issues would help but feeling as if 1000lbs were lifted off my shoulders make me think otherwise. If for what I learned about myself I’d say I’m going to set myself in life I would need to wear mad emotions on my sleeve rather than keep them bottled up as I’ve done over the years up to this point and to speak up if something was troubling me for the same reason.”