March 6, 2019

“High risk alcohol choices brought me to First Step Services initially. DWI on 11/30/18 brought me to 14 suggested group sessions through FSS. The thought of group was intimidating at first; didn’t think I would be open and honest, but Kim and Britney were awesome/ they made me feel comfortable and it allowed me to be much more of an extrovert than I would have imagined. Group attendees were great too because it felt as if I was in a judge-free environment. Hearing testimonies from others was extremely helpful. I learned that I’m not so different from others in the group and I learned that I have a lot more strength than I thought and I’m full of hope. Group made me see so many parallels between myself and my group-mates. Britney and Kim handled themselves professionally and with compassion and understanding. I wish I could have known them in another place at another time under different circumstances, but I’m fortunate and blessed to have them in my life at all. They both are really wonderful people; True humanitarians who are exceedingly patient, kind, loving, and caring. Britney and Kim are amazingly beautiful people and I am a changed individual (for the better) because of them. I’ll never forget you both.”