First Step Services, LLC Raleigh NC Alumni
November 25, 2019

Well when I first came to First Step my initial thought was this is some Bull xxxxx.  I felt is was Just a way to make money.  I was angry disappointed in myself and very anxious to get through with everything.  About half way through my groups I had a change of heart when I met the inspirational speakers and saw the effects that were done on their lives.  It was an eye opener and I realize how important it is for some sobriety.  I spoke with a man whose addiction impacted someone else’s life and now he is clean and I see the struggle he faces day to day to stay clean.  This program is very important and I learned that I don’t have to be a part of a inner circle I can be alone and it is OK.  I really appreciated the counselors for being so understanding and polite throughout my experience here at First Step.