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    Substance Use and the Family: Intoxicant Emotions

    Posted on November 18, 2016 by Comments are off

    Drugs and alcohol are "intoxicants," consumed to have fun, feel better, and eventually to become intoxicated - high or drunk. Family members are directly affected at many levels by the increased problems that addiction causes. No surprise there.  The behavior of the substance user causes the famil... read more

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    Do I have an alcohol or drug use problem?

    Do I have an alcohol or drug use problem?

    How do we know when alcohol and/or drug use has become a problem for us?
    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

    Congratulations! You have decided to seek information regarding counseling or education for alcohol or drug use.
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    “I have to say this was a life changing experience. I have learned a lot on how alcohol hurts and affects your body in the long-hall. There is so many things that I thought I knew, but clearly did not. It was also helpful that Tonya was very nice and wasn’t judgmental, as were others

    Anonymous Raleigh

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