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    Family Program: Our commitment to the family

    Family Program: Family Support and Education

    First Step Services of Raleigh provides Family and Community Education (FACE) to help families and concerned others deal with the effects of alcohol and drug use of a loved one. Learn how to effectively help yourself and the person(s) you care about with a drug or alcohol problem. There is never a fee.

    F.A.C.E. provides support and an open forum for attendees. F.A.C.E. is not for the person with substance use disorders or concerns.

    Our Intensive Outpatient programs include family nights for all participants. Families and significant others join the group members in the group for one night of multifamily group. Our family programs are educational, supportive and enlightening for group members and their families, friends and significant others. Group discussions, role plays, education are all provided. Families in attendance are allowed to participate as much or as little as comfort allows.

    We also provide family counseling for individual families regarding a family member’s substance use and families of group members. If you’d like more information, call us today at 919-833-8899 or send an email to 1ststep@firststepnc(dot)com.

    F.A.C.E. Family and Community Education Program

    Every Monday evening, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

    All families, friends, and concerned others in the community are welcome!

    Included Topics of Discussion: Family Issues of Substance Use.

    • How to identify problematic use and dependence
    • Long term effects of alcohol and drug use, including effects on the family.
    • Enabling or helping?
    • Dealing with dual disorders: substance use and mental health disorders.
    • What is alcohol and drug treatment and how does it work?
    • How old is old enough to drink alcohol?
    • Recovery and abstinence, are they the same?
    When: Every Monday evening, 5:30 – 7 PM
    First Step Services Raleigh
    F.A.C.E. Program
    211 E. Six Forks Rd, Ste 116
    Raleigh, NC 27609
    Directions: Google Maps

    Call 919-833-8899 for more Information.

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    “I came to First Step after my third treatment center. My first impression was that it was a waste of time and I would be better off at a meeting. That opinion quickly changed. First Step has amazing substance abuse counselors. I learned how to have fun again clean. It made me a happier person in general. I love First Step. I would definitely recommend it to a fellow addict in need. Also the family night portion was very helpful with me and my family. We learned how to have a healthier and happy relationship for all of us. Thank you First Step!” Anonymous group member


    Do I have an alcohol or drug use problem?

    Do I have an alcohol or drug use problem?

    How do we know when alcohol and/or drug use has become a problem for us?
    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

    Congratulations! You have decided to seek information regarding counseling or education for alcohol or drug use.
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    For me, First Step treatment was invoking. Although my life has changed dramatically in the last two years due to life choices of my own knowledge is good. Getting to know your down-falls on what’s happening to you can be important. The counselors at First Step have been extremely helpful. They seem to genuinely believe


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