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    Experiences of First Step Services clients.

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    Group was really relaxed

    "I came to First Step because of DWI, my initial impression of the counselor and the group was that the environment of the group was really relaxed. Everyone was calm respectful and what inviting. The aspect of groups I found to be most useful was the group interaction on topics and how everyone shared or gave feedback on the topics. I learned more so that just because you make a bad choice that the world isn’t over. Treatment changed me because it opened my eyes to many different perspectives and similar issues. I’m dealing with and how to filter the alternative situations and take to correct course of action."


    I was able to learn about myself

    I, [Anonymous], was introduced to the First Step Treatment program due to an automobile accident while driving impaired. initial impressions of the counselors and group were that you all use to be alcoholics. Group was the most helpful for me because I was able to hear other people’s stories about alcoholism. I was able to learn about myself that I needed help. I do feel like treatment has changed me because I will no longer drink and drive.


    Group helped me to get a new perspective

    I came to First Step after getting a DUI. I was very apprehensive about coming to group and wasn’t sure that it was the right fit for me. However, Kayla immediately made me feel at ease and the way she facilitates the group is perfect. She allows for group discussion and feedback and doesn’t pressure anyone. The group discussions allowed me to see how many people were going through the same issues that I was and that is what was most helpful about the group for me I learned that I had some very destructive habits and the group helped me to get a new perspective and make the proper changes to better myself. Thank you Kayla and First Step.


    I came to First Step LLC because of marijuana substance abuse

    I came to First Step LLC because of marijuana substance abuse. While I was in this abstinence based program I was able to learn health mechanisms to promote sobriety. Some important things to me that I learned that will help me to continue to stay sober, through the counselors here, were learning triggers that can cause use, learning about the ways I communicate and fulfil my needs, and learning more from the testimonies and experiences of the group members surrounding me. Hearing other people willing to discuss the challenges they had been through really hit home with me. I think being in group was more effective than individual treatment because it was better feedback than individual treatment. I thank Megan, Monique, Sara and the counselors and First Step LLC for helping me successfully complete my treatment plan. I plan to continue staying drug free.


    I was ordered to go.

    I was ordered to go. When I first came here I thought it was just the state getting money from poor working Joe because it was just unfair judgment, but I found out though that the probability of me making another bad decision was very possible, and that people make the same mistakes with their judgment and that I also need to stop being everyone problem solver, but not taking care of myself. I used work to save me but also that was the only way I view that at least people were more likeable to me.


    But, I found that I need to be around more in my life because I do love to talk about many subjects and the personnel here at First Step work with all with purpose and respect, they help me understand state of mind, and we can always take time to value ourselves, like those around they are great people and I thank them.

    Anonymous Garner Client

    After detoxing from alcohol

    I was first brought to First Step after detoxing from alcohol. It was recommended to utilize the services provided here for continued sobriety. My first impression of the counselors were mixed as I wasn't sure what my place was in the group especially after being recommended for inpatient treatment away from my family. After that experience I learned a lot about myself and what my place was in the group. I grew to appreciate the group and the topics we discussed. I can recognize things that can trigger my anxiety and stress although it’s not fully managed I no longer self medicate with the use of alcohol.


    First Step treatment has helped me to open up

    Being in First Step treatment has helped me to open up a little. At first, I was kind of shy and embarrassed of my charge, but I realized we all make mistakes. Now I'm an open-minded individual who listens to other people's stories, pays attention, and has empathy for others.


    I learned a lot of self awareness

    I was assessed here and received 20 hours of treatment. At the beginning I was upset because of the money required to attend, but it ended up being a great learning experience. My counselors are a great group of leaders. They do an awesome job at what they do. I learned a lot of self awareness. I was also fortunate to meet a lot of good people that I learned a lot from. All in all I think this program was good for me.


    My treatment was an eye opener!

    My treatment was an eye opener! When you go through a DWI, as down as you think you are, there is always light. It is comforting to know that there are people going through what I went through and sometimes more. The biggest thing to take away is that people screw up, but it’s how you handle the aftermath. Remain positive and keep your eyes on your dreams and goals!

    Anonymous Raleigh Client

    I can convert negative energy into positive motivation

    I had to come to the First Step program because it was forced on me through North Carolina Court System. My first impression of the group I felt as if I would come in with the “I don’t want to talk attitude.” After meeting my counselor and group members. I grew to appreciate the group. It was so easy to open up and talk with the group. Everyone made me feel welcome which was most helpful for me. I learned ways I can convert negative energy into positive motivation. This helped me in my everyday life.



    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

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    Substance use disorder – screening, referral and placement

    Substance use disorder – screening, referral and placement

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    When I first came to First Step, I was devastated. Sara immediately made me feel comfortable and I was able to meet and hear stories from other people in similar situations. I was interested in the different topics that we covered; including the effects of substances on the family and friends. I hope to be


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