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First Step Services,LLC – Raleigh 211 E. Six Forks Road Ste 117 Raleigh, NC 27609 Phone: (919) 833-8899 Fax: (919) 833-8894 Directions: Google Maps First Step in Raleigh offers morning, evening and weekend substance abuse Intensive Outpatient and general outpatient treatment for most levels of care, including general outpatient treatment, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Treatment, individual and family counseling. Our Psychiatrist/Medical Director sees patients at our Raleigh home office as needed. Our Raleigh facility has been providing mental health and substance abuse treatment services in our Six Forks Road location since August 1, 2003.

Our specialized programs meet most alcohol and drug use in outpatient treatment needs. Our patients are referred by families, friends, co-workers, attorneys, hospitals, inpatient treatment centers, MAT clinics, and many other sources. Other patients refer to themselves. We accept clients referred by clinics providing Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) such as suboxone. First Step’s Medical Director psychiatrist Joseph Mazaglia M.D. assists clients who have dual disorder needs – mental health and substance use. First Step’s goal is to assist all our clients to achieve a future free from problems related to substance use.

First Step Services is in-network with all major insurance companies to assist in covering the cost of substance abuse intensive outpatient treatment and 3-hour groups of general outpatient counseling.  Call us if you have any questions.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Groups

First Step clients are placed in a level of care based on ASAM, the American Society of Addictive Medicine criteria. Family counseling and support is encouraged and available to all.

We are proud to offer assessments and individual counseling sessions both online and in-person. We also have online and in-person options for both our our Raleigh & Cary groups.

General Outpatient – Longer-Term Substance Use Treatment Program

If substance use has become more severe or more frequent a longer-term substance use treatment program is available.  The longer-term treatment consists of approximately 9 to 12 weeks of group substance abuse counseling consisting of 12-20 group sessions.

IOP is proven to be a successful alternative to inpatient or residential treatment. When inpatient treatment is necessary, continuing treatment by attending IOP upon returning home creates the best outcomes for those patients. IOP participants live at home, continue with work or education as normal, and lead an otherwise normal lifestyle. IOP is cheaper than inpatient or residential treatment.

Together in Change IOP

Together in Change IOP

Utilizes the stages of change model to focus on recovery protection & healthy coping skills. We use a wellness model centered on self-care, problem-solving & life skills that can be applied to daily life.

Cary In-Person
Mon, Tue & Thu (6 PM – 9 PM)

First Step Services, LLC provides Intensive Outpatient and General Outpatient aftercare for people returning home from inpatient programs & hospitals across the country. The goal is to provide support and treatment for people returning to families, work and friends with continued stability while they transition back into their normal lifestyle.

Every client who successfully completes any level of counseling groups at First Step, is remaining abstinent and no longer requires monitoring or reporting, is welcome to continue aftercare for as long as he or she would like to attend. This aftercare program provides extra support during early recovery.  People who attend First Step group programs after completing an inpatient or residential program also qualify for the $5 per day aftercare program as long as you have completed your primary care at First Step, are remaining abstinent and are working a program of recovery.

Living in Recovery

Living in Recovery

Focuses on helping people live their best life! Emphasis is placed on peer accountability & individual recovery protection to help people live a fulfilling life in sustained recovery.

Wed (6-7:30pm)

Uses Prime for Life curriculum. Designed to gently, but powerfully challenge common beliefs & attitudes that directly contribute to high-risk alcohol and drug use. Alcohol and drug education programs that satisfy court, job, schools, probation, DWI, and other requirements.

These classes fulfill the needs of Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS) and Prime for Life requirements. ADETS is the education level for DWI clients. Prime for Life is available at all our locations for others needing substance abuse education. Both classes cost $185. View additional details and schedule here.

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