Professional Profile

Professional Profile

Professional Profile in Attorney At Law Magazine First Step Services has been profiled in Attorney at Law Magazine. Make Better Choices People convicted of a NC DWI are required by […]

Substance Abuse Assessments

Do you or someone you care about have a concern about your alcohol or drug use?  In an effort to better serve our communities, First Step provides substance abuse assessments to […]

A Brief History of First Step Services LLC

Raleigh Facility

First Step was originated by Henry Tarkington in 2001, in Garner, NC as a single-therapist practice, as “Henry Tarkington, MSW”. In early 2002, “1st Step Substance Abuse & DWI Services,” the company’s […]

Not ready for substance abuse treatment?

It seems impossible to convince the necessity of it to someone who is not ready for substance abuse treatment.  Research shows it could take 5 – 6 treatments to help a […]

Substance Abuse: Recovery & Responsibility  

Recovery & Responsibility

Have you ever had the feeling that addicts act like they are still adolescents or children? Do you wonder why they are often unable to fulfill normal adult responsibilities? The […]

Medical Model of Substance Abuse Treatment?

The reason for this article is to stimulate thought about where a pure medical model of substance abuse treatment seems to be taking us.  The medical model of substance abuse treatment […]

Daily Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

A daily gratitude journal can be surprisingly beneficial.  If done daily, the results can be almost magical over time. It is a great supplement to treatment, or a recovery program […]

First Step Services, LLC, A Brief History

Raleigh Facility

First Step was created in by Henry Tarkington in 2001, in Garner, NC as a single-therapist mental health and family counseling practice on June 12, 2001. In April 2002, Henry opened […]

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