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    Rehab Programs for Teens in North Carolina

    Adolescent & Youth Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment Program Services

    Adolescent Counseling and Substance Abuse Treatment Services
    Wake County Public Schools ACE Program

    Here at First Step Services LLC, we believe in today’s youth. They can change the future for the better, especially if they stay on the right path.

    Some might forget along the way and end up captive to the allure of drugs and alcohol. But for those who wish to turn a new leaf, our rehab centers for teen in North Carolina are here to help.

    First Step Services’ adolescent outpatient program for teens focus on helping younger participants. We offer assessments and outpatient counseling for the individual and their families.

    Our groups focus on dealing with drug and alcohol abuse issues, as well as the impact of these on the individual, as well as their family.

    Our Approach:

    When counseling adolescent clients, including the family throughout the entire process is especially important. Drug and alcohol use does not affect only the person using the substances; it affects the entire family. Parents and siblings are usually struggling with significant consequences of just one family member’s substance abuse. At First Step we provide multiple opportunities for family involvement in treatment along with their teen.

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    During the substance abuse assessment and treatment planning sessions, the adolescent client, counselor  and family, when available, develop the best plan to achieve the goals you choose.

    Our adolescent therapist provides services to teens and their families. Our adolescent counseling approach is strengths-based and utilizes art therapy techniques to engage clients in self-expression. Our absolute best effort is made to reconnect clients to healthier, more positive ways to contribute, communicate, and cope.

    “My past mistakes brought me here. When I first got here, I generally did not think I belonged here. I felt this was not going to be able to get any form of help here. After a few meetings, I found out this is where I needed to be. I made friends, heard stories and even told a few. The most helpful experience I had was learning about my peers and what they went through during treatment has taught me how to live while being sober. I learned what it was like to resist and overcome triggers and urges. The entire experience was extremely educational helpful and much needed. I will continue to come to group in order to maintained what I have worked so hard to build.” Experience of recent teen IOP graduate

    Our adolescent counseling program offers a variety of services to meet the unique needs of each adolescent and  their families:

    • Substance Abuse Assessments.
    • Individual Counseling.
    • Group counseling.
    • Wake County Schools ACE provider
    • Family therapy, support and education both individually and in group.
    • Urine Drug Screens.
    • Therapists with experience and specialized training in working with adolescents.
    • Flexible hours (late afternoon groups).

    Our adolescent substance abuse outpatient treatment program is for teens 14 – 18 years of age and their families, located at our Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC facility. Our adolescent and family program works closely with both the teens and their families to achieve a happier, more productive present and future without the burden of substance use problems.

    First Step Services is a Wake County Public Schools ACE provider. For more information, contact Monique @ (919) 833-8899 or email “monique@firststepnc(dot)com.

    Our F.A.C.E. (Family And Community Education) program is a free service provided at our Six Forks Road facility.  F.A.C.E. is for those concerned about the substance use of loved ones, or for anyone who is interested in learning about how alcohol and drug use affects individuals, families, and the community. Though F.A.C.E. is facilitated by professional Licensed counselors, it is not specifically a counseling or formal support group, though much support is provided. It is designed for families, friends, teachers, counselors, attorneys, other professionals, etc.  F.A.C.E. is not appropriate for the alcohol or drug abuser.

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    “I came into this program after getting in trouble at school. My first day of coming in I picked a nice seat in the corner, crossed my arms and tried to be invisible. I didn’t think this program would help me in any way, shape, or form. I just wanted to go through the motions and be done with it. After listening to people for a while and seeing how well they treated each other and how much fun they were having while being sober. I caught myself starting to actually listen to what people were saying appose to just hearing the words. I started to relate to the experiences that were being shared and I caught myself actually sharing myself. As the weeks trailed on I actually became friends with quite a few of the people there. I actually started looking forward to going to these meetings I had once dreaded. My family and friends started noticing positive changes in me shortly after that and, honestly, I did too not just in my personality but how I felt as well. If you come into this program with an open mind you will be amazed at what it can do for you.”  Anonymous Former Adolescent Program Participant


    Do I have an alcohol or drug use problem?

    Do I have an alcohol or drug use problem?

    How do we know when alcohol and/or drug use has become a problem for us?
    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

    Congratulations! You have decided to seek information regarding counseling or education for alcohol or drug use.
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    I came to First Step to find a way to stop a problem with my drinking. I was scared of how to stop, how I would control my stress, and how I would fall asleep and stay asleep with my stressful life. From the start I found the group setting relaxing and easy to share


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